Company profile:

Moringa Wonder Tree Ltd. is an Israeli company which specializes in commercial cultivation of Moringa (Drumstick tree) to be used as raw material for industrial purposes.
Alongside its operations, the company established a plant to produce premium healthy food products at affordable prices.
The company developed a unique production line of premium cookies. A line which integrates high-tech machinery together with a handmade product, thus allowing for commercial production while still maintaining the product quality and taste.
All of our cookies are flour-free! We proudly host a variety of cookie lines, among them: a Vegan-friendly line, a line with Brown Sugar and Chocolate, and a no-Sugar-added line.
Most of our cookie products are kosher for Passover [Kitniyot].
Our vision:
To produce handmade premium products in commercial quantities at affordable prices.
Realization of our vision:
We developed a unique production line that integrates handmade products with high-tech machinery, allowing us to commercially produce handmade premium products with a savory good old vintage taste.